INCRADIFLOAT MODULAR PONTOONS are fully certified, safe and efficient modular solutions for inland, coastal and offshore applications. Marine Certification allows configuration as seagoing modular barge, self-propelled modular ship, modular jack-up and much more; fully compliant with the latest and upcoming regulations.

Being fully certified in accordance with Container Safety Convention regulations, worldwide transportability as standard ISO Container is guaranteed. Combined with the patented and certified INCRADILOCK coupling system, operational applications are unlimited around the globe. In-house design; engineering allows for tailor made solutions including structural verification, stability verification and certification.

The INCRADIFLOAT system is designed with versatility in mind. The modular design combined with the INCRADILOCK and accessories offer a truly safe, certified and versatile working platform: operational excellence is guaranteed!


The INCRADIFLOAT MODULAR PONTOONS come in various sizes to suit the requirements of any job. The INCRADIFLOAT Raft (IFR) pontoons are developed for heavy duty jobs on the somewhat smaller inland waterways, whereas the INCRADIFLOAT Container (IFC) pontoons are developed for the larger inland waterways as well as the coastal and sea areas.

The patented and certified INCRADILOCK coupling system allows quick and safe interconnection. The INCRADILOCK coupling gives coupled pontoon assemblies immense structural strength, a 1 man coupling procedure and very fast installation times. Coupling time takes no more than 10 minutes per pontoon and personnel remains dry on deck the whole time.

INCRADIFLOAT Raft pontoons

The IFR are designed to be transported by truck or inside ISO Containers. Standard lengths are based on maximum allowable transport dimensions for trucks. With a height of 724 [mm] and lengths varying from 2450 to 7350 [mm], the IFR is a versatile and easy to handle modular pontoon.

The INCRADIFLOAT Raft pontoons are standard certified in accordance with the European legislation for floating equipment and ships: ESTRIN.


Length: 2450 [mm],
Width: 2450 [mm],
Height: 724 [mm].
Deviating sizes upon request

Length: 4900 [mm],
Width: 2450 [mm],
Height: 724 [mm].
Deviating sizes upon request

Length: 7350 [mm],
Width: 2450 [mm],
Height: 724 [mm].
Deviating sizes upon request

INCRADIFLOAT Container pontoons

 The IFC are designed to be transportable as ISO Containers. Standard lengths and widths are therefore based on 20 feet and 40 feet containers. The INCRADIFLOAT Container modules are standard available in a height range between 724 [mm] and 2896 [mm] and load classes S, M and U, allowing deckloads up to 15 [t/m²].

The INCRADIFLOAT Container pontoons are standard certified in accordance with European legisation for inland duty and/or International maritime legislation for seagoing duty.


Length: 6090 [mm],
Width: 2436 [mm],
Height: between 724 [mm] and 2896 [mm].
Deviating sizes upon request

Length: 12180 [mm],
Width: 2436 [mm],
Height: between 724 [mm] and 2896 [mm].
Deviating sizes upon request

Class S: up to 5 [t/m²],
Class M: up to 10 [t/m²],
Class U: up to 15 [t/m²].
Deviating load classes upon request


The integrated flush deck fittings allow for a quick and secure fixation of all kinds of mandatory safety equipment, as well as versatile work related accessories like bollards, railings and lighting equipment. The ease of installation means a complete pontoon assembly can be ready for action within an hour, with less than half the workforce required compared to other pontoon systems. The interchangeable accessories allow for a clutter free deck which leads to a safe working environment for operational excellence!


Modular fall protection and handrails around the deck perimeter, quickly mounted to the flush deck fittings.


Replaceable mooring equipment exactly there where it is needed, without interfering your working area. Easily connected to the flush deck fittings.


Work deck illumination as integral part of the modular railing, or just centrally placed. Quickly connected to the flush deck fittings.


Fixed working position without anchoring. The spud pole systems are easily fixed to the INCRADILOCK positions around the hull.



The patented and fully certified INCRADILOCK coupling system is the result of thorough research, development and engineering. Key features lie within operational safety, cost of ownership, structural integrity, self-adjustment, self-alignment and operational simplicity. Installation and de-installation time is reduced to a minimum whilst enhancing operational safety. The system design allows for retrofitting the INCRADILOCK to existing pontoons. Flush integration of the INCRADILOCK Recess in the hull construction makes the system virtually indestructible and multi-deployable. Although the INCRADILOCK is designed for interconnecting INCRADIFLOAT modules, the system’s possibilities are endless: addition of outboard structures, propulsion units, ramp units and much more. The INCRADILOCK adds versatility, strength and durability to today’s and tomorrow’s building blocks.


Operational coupling issues such as: multiple components, extensive coupling procedures, certification and personnel safety; are eliminated with the truly versatile INCRADILOCK coupling system. Upon design verification and successful physical load testing, the INCRADILOCK system was granted full certification by Bureau Veritas for structural integrity, water tightness and adjustability.


The roots of INCRADIFLOAT originate in The Netherlands and is based by a specialist in naval engineering and design. Because of these roots, Incradifloat is more and offers more then just a product. In provides full design, engineering and certification resources. This guarantees an efficient translation of customer demands into thoroughly engineered solutions and certifiable equipment, produced according to the highest standards.

Currently the INCRADIFLOAT system holds Bureau Veritas certification. Other certificates can be provided without the need for external parties for engineering or (finite element) simulation and certification processes.

INCRADIFLOAT offers a one stop shop solution. The inhouse design & engineering tailores solutions, which are, yet again, limited only by imagination.



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